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Team Coaching that Generates Superior Results

Today’s best practices just aren’t good enough for tomorrow’s world. To be effective and nimble, teams require skills and insights to generate next practices.

Igniting Collective Leadership Power

Teams are under constant pressure to adapt. Business needs shift. Companies reorganize. Team members come and go. Customers demand more and better.

Effective teams are needed to step up to these challenges. But too often, internal disconnects prevent teams from aligning with each other and meeting their potential.

Team coaching enables the team to function at a level greater than the sum of its parts. Through team coaching, team members discover how to identify the source of their disconnects and fix them at the source. They practice and learn as a senior team, improving norms for working together and rallying organizational support for their work. With internal alignment and clarity of purpose and objectives, team members can develop strategies for achieving their goals no matter what the situation demands.

Opportunities for Team Coaching

New leadership – Introducing a new leader to the mix can create conflict, confusion, and anxiety about the future. Sometimes, individual leadership experiences and behaviors do not translate well in a team of senior leaders. Team coaching can create the opening that enables existing teams and new leaders to smoothly align and integrate.
Organizational transformation – Competitive pressure and disruption are prompting organizational change at an ever-more-rapid clip. From mergers and acquisitions to new operating models, teams must quickly adapt or fall behind. Coaching can accelerate “time to performance” by ensuring new, blended, and even existing teams nimbly align behind shifting directives.
Team alignment – Teams that operate well on their own don’t always play well together. We can help fine-tune the relationship between critical and strategically focused teams to ensure everyone is working toward the same agenda and goals.
Team conflict – Strong personalities and different perspectives can be a force for dynamic change — when they are channeled into productive dialogue. We help team members have generative conversations that improve relationships, mine the hidden gems, and achieve better results.
New teams –  It takes more than a roster of high performers to build a team that thrives. We help teams establish the right culture and framework to build connections, foster trust, and support success from the start.
Leadership development – Effective leaders don’t just happen. They learn how to lead teams by being great team members and designing the conditions for their success with others. With “leader-coach” capabilities, they can launch and build teams, diagnose team problems, and facilitate changes to improve team effectiveness.
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