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At Morand McKay, we work with leaders and teams to increase their effectiveness. We dig deep and challenge appropriately to co-create what it takes for success. When leadership teams rally behind shared purposes they deliver on their goals. Is your team delivering at its highest level? Let’s talk.

Create Momentum to Achieve More

Conflict. Change in direction. Inertia. Competing agendas. Dysfunction. Sound familiar?
These team challenges stem more often than not, from broken connections: in processes, relationships, competing priorities, poor decisioning, scarcity of resources. And where there is disconnection, lack of trust can follow. So we work emergently with the team, discovering how the team can work better together. We find and mend the disconnects at the source. Our approach empowers teams to achieve more together.
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Realign to Move Ahead

We don’t stick with a single model and facilitate through it. Instead, we build relationships and use strategies that are best suited to the team’s needs and where they are in their journey. Teams learn how to move the talk from the water cooler to the team, where discussions can be had collectively, all voices can be heard, and great ideas can be put into action.
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Improve Relationships and Strengthen Trust

We combine our unique backgrounds and perspectives into one dynamic force, to offer a mix of experience, insight, and style that resonates with our clients. By flexing in the moment, we create a safe space for conversations and get down to the serious business of mastering tough, uncomfortable, and sensitive topics to build trust and respect.
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Generate Lasting Change

Building new behaviors requires time, focus, and commitment. Together, we help teams co-create their own path to sustained growth and long-term success. Hidden agendas are eliminated, egos are checked, and team members collectively do better as a team — even after our time with them has come to an end.
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Let's Get to Work

Are you ready to take your teams to the next level? Contact us to explore how our coaching services can shift mindsets from surviving to thriving.
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