Benefits of Team and Leadership Coaching

Real change isn’t accomplished by checking off boxes on a list. It’s achieved by creating ground-up strategies for continually and consistently doing the work well, over time. At Morand McKay, our goal is to “work ourselves out of the work” by guiding leaders and teams to become flexible, adaptable, and accountable.

Move From High Performers to a High Performing Team

Team coaching is the most effective way for teams to learn together. It’s about shifting behaviors and creating sustainable patterns that enable teams to adapt over time.
The result? Sustainable outcomes that:
Improve the operational results required of the team by its stakeholders
Create “leader-coach” capabilities to launch and build teams, diagnose team problems, and facilitate changes to improve team effectiveness
Increase how well the team works together to deliver results for its customers
Build collaborative leadership capability and capacity within teams and across teams
Create “team of teams” movements, driving a team performance groundswell across the organization

Become a Stronger Leader to Drive Meaningful Change

Our leadership coaching taps into personal resourcefulness to release leadership potential. We help create new habits that sustain the desired change.
Our clients learn to:
Align development focus with business priorities
Shift silo mentality to collaborative mindset
Leverage natural strengths with contribution in role
Build capacity for personal growth and sustained change
Create awareness of others’ perceptions

What Our Clients Say

  • “They turned skeptics into believers. They definitely delivered - they exceeded my expectations in team dynamics. I would highly recommend them. If they can help this team with a team of skeptics, they can help any team.”
  • “The number one thing they delivered was improved relationships and improved trust.”
  • “Now when you walk into a room with a team, there’s no hidden agenda - it’s calm and safe. Egos are checked and there’s a collective understanding and you want to be better as a team.”
  • “If your team is willing to do the work and be vulnerable, John and Mary can get you there. You have to be willing to put in the work. It’s worth the effort because when you come out the other side, you have overcome so many obstacles and boundaries as a team in a short time.”
  • “They helped us as leaders and as a senior team quickly move from a collection of high performing individuals into a highly performing team. They’ve helped us through individual circumstances to broader team dynamics. Big picture stuff and helping on more acute issues.”
  • “They helped us (and me) realize I can’t make all of the decisions. We’ve made a lot of great strides. They provided good structural thinking on how to approach the problem.”
  • “They’ve helped me as a leader lead my team, given me tools and helped me with my own development.”

Let's Get to Work

Are you ready to take your teams to the next level? Contact us to explore how our coaching services can shift mindsets from surviving to thriving.
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