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As faculty at the Team Coaching Studio, we are committed to training and supporting team coaches as they help teams unlock their full potential. Together with other experienced industry practitioners, we bring knowledge, wisdom and practical know-how to the art of team coaching, sharing the very latest thinking that enables coaches and teams.
We believe that to be a great team coach requires you to work on yourself and your capacity to create a strong enough container for the work, to sit in the fire when the heat rises and to use yourself as an instrument of awareness, choice and change.

As the leading specialist in this field of coaching, TCS has trained hundreds of team coaches to build a global network of dedicated, accomplished and accredited people. We teach our coaches to guide and challenge teams to work more effectively together, both within their own team and with other teams in alliances and partnerships.

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Are you ready to take your teams to the next level? Contact us to explore how our coaching services can shift mindsets from surviving to thriving.
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